Wednesday, December 18, 2013

morning on the river


Unknown said...

Wonderful moods captured in these photos.

- Aangirfan

john said...

Thanks Aangirfan. I always enjoy the fog. Early morning is an interesting time as well, with the day still full of possibilities.

Hope you have a great Christmas.


reem said...

Foggy morning,cold too I guess ,mybe you'll get snowy days very soon .Traffic boats I see ..interesting ..nice work John ..Merry christmas for you and your friends ...

john said...

Hi Reem and thanks. It was cold there before the sun came up. The weather has been mild overall so far this winter. It'll get colder soon I think though and snow is a strong possibility even down here.

Seasons greetings to you too. The end of the year brings varied emotions, it can be a good time or bad time for people depending on their circumstances. A time to take stock.

I hope for a peaceful year next year.

Cheers Reem, all the best to you.

aferrismoon said...

Great photos , all of them


john said...

Hi aferrismoon. Thanks very much. The lights, shapes and textures are very helpful. Fog is such a pleasure to take photographs in.

We're getting a right battering with the weather again today. My bus was stopped by a tree blocking the road. 60-70mph winds. Thousands of homes without power. All ok here at the moment though.

Hope you have a good Christmas.

cheers for now

aferrismoon said...

A balmy 7 degrees here, not a breeze except for passing trams, bald-headed coots [ birds!] have invaded the river.

Hope it doesn't get too bad where you are

all the best
for Christmas

john said...

It sounds rather nice there aferrismoon. We didn't get flooded and still have power so all ok here. Seen plenty of floods about and the lanes are in a right state. Sunny and nice yesterday, storms back again now, more rain more wind. Here we go again. Mind you, apart from the wind and the chimney blowing it actually seems quiet here. There's so little going on.

I had another of my failed walks today. I should put them up on the blog really. These are the walks that I set out on and for one reason or another I don't get to the target destination, if there is one. Sometimes I arrive too late to get there. Sometimes I either haven't got time to find the place or I just plain can't find it. Today was a combination, and though I got near to where I wanted to be I didn't quite get there. Much was seen on the way though, journey and destination and all that. Oh well, I better go out and look at tonights storm now.

Enjoy your clement weather and have a reasonable seasonable. Cheers.

john said...

Reasonable seasonable? Forget I said that.

If anyone hasn't seen it yet this is the place to view the wind:,45.81,1334