Friday, August 26, 2016

At the castle. In the dark woods.


nina said...

Its all so ... Maurice Sendak! Except its the real thing. You must have loved this walk. Its shows.

aferrismoon said...

The muffled quiet of mossy woods.
Is it an iron age fort or later castle?
Coincidentally I bought a small fern yesterday , which likes the shaded areas.

Enjoy the walk


john said...

Cheers Nina. Yes it does remind of Sendak doesn't it? I thought the second image looks a bit like a reclining figure, that's how I saw it anyway. Hope all is good with you there!

john said...

Cheers aferrismoon. It's one of the old earthwork castles. A really big place, very steep, lots of massive banks and ditches and almost completely covered with Beech trees. Some of it is on privately owned land and some of it isn't, but it's all easily accessible. Tricky to photograph as it's very dark in there, but a lovely walk. Plenty of ferns about, that's for sure. We have some here and they do like the dark and damp places. Hope all is good with you. Cheers for now.