Friday, June 09, 2017

Green Lane


su said...

This image.......
Just this morning I was speaking to a friend about a walk many , many years ago.

It was staggeringly like this image except the creeper was wisteria.

As I was walking through there were these soft , gently bursts, mini explosions. One after the other. Hundreds. I bend down to pick up a seed on the side that had just been caterpaulted out of its pod. And found a dead infant. Just left in the bushes.

So here just a short while ago I tell this story in words and here you have the image.

john said...

What a shocking discovery Su. There is life and death all around, seeds and beauty and horror too. What a world it is.

john said...

And thanks for stopping by as well su, nice to hear from you again. Hope all is good there.

su said...

thank you kind sir for asking....
is all well here?
well externally around me, it is kind of shocking.
both natural and man made.
of course there is still the struggle of staying alive ......
and all that that goes with it.

i am in my 6th year in the tent at night. and if i had to say what my greatest joy in life is, it is when i step into the garden and merge into the space.

sadly my tent was wrecked in the storm the other day.
so i am indoors ----- and i think you will know what i am saying when i say that when one sleeps outdoors, in this very silent village, it is the sound that is the treasure, it evokes the listener within.

indoors, i can electrical hums, and footsteps, sounds that don't nourish.

otherwise all good. glad to catch up again ...... how is life with you?
crazy times your side as well....... corbyn just did something amazing.

john said...

Lot's of work, all of it good and useful but I would like some longer time off and away from it sometime. Maybe after August, if we're still here, I hope so. At the moment I'd like to go for a long walk, maybe a couple of weeks or more.

The tent and the joy you find there.. things that don't cost money. It must suit you then for all this time. Good to get away from the electric, it feels like a proper life again. Some of my best times staying in a hut on a windy range of sand dunes, away from all the electric.. and the sound!

The life here mostly a dream. The cars get bigger, the people absorbed. The whole Corbyn thing has been encouraging though, good to see the young enthusiastic. Politics is always an entertaining business in this country despite the misery and death it results in.

We've had a long dark winter and summer is here now, briefly, so all is fine.

su said...
That old classic. Here comes the sun.
We are heading into deep winter here.

john said...

It sounds like you had a bad storm there recently then. are you able to get another tent ok there or are you planning on staying inside for a time?