Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Bluebell Wood in Fog

Oh well -I got that off my chest. Do I feel better about it all? Not really but back to business as usual, such as it is.

One of the things I like doing very much is walking in the fog, it always seems to me that things are being created around you as you walk and the scale of the world diminishes in size to the small space surrounding you. It also does interesting things to sound.

I remember that where I grew up many years ago near a busy port that I would go down to the beach at night when it was foggy and could hear the voices of people talking on boats and ships a long way out on the water, it must be something to do with sound travelling better through the medium of water or something and also because it was very quiet anyway. I always enjoyed the sounds that would come out of the fog on such nights such as foghorns and various bell sounds and it was these early sonic soundscapes that stimulated my interest in ambient sound recording and production, something that I still enjoy.

One of my favourite recordings is Brian Eno's Ambient 4 On Land which has just the sort of stuff that I am attempting to describe and although it is not really an ambient recording as such it does seem to describe places and their moods very well, and it is something that I always find very relaxing to listen to. At some point I will try to put some of my own pieces of recording of this nature onto the intertube for you all to listen to.

I also enjoy the work of Chris Watson who is a sound recordist who works in radio and television although I am old enough to remember that he was in the band Cabaret Voltaire who produced some very interesting music in the 80s. I also listen to a recording made by the late Roger Deakin, a naturalist who made a bbc radio 4 program of the sounds around his house recorded over one year which is called "The house" very nice and recommended indeed.

Anyway I hope that you enjoy these photo's of my walk in the fog, it is a shame that I couldn't get a photograph of the very large fox that I saw but I was attempting to be very still so that I could see what was coming, as I could hear the sound of something approaching and scaring the birds, who flew towards me, as the fox was not being very quiet about its business.

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Rob Hopcott said...

Wonderful bluebells ... I think they are the nicest of wild flowers.

Sometimes I stand at the top of a local hill and watch the mist from the Bristol Channel swirl around the hill below me and wish I could capture the moment but a photo never does it justice.

Great post :-)