Friday, April 11, 2008

Dusk Photography

As anyone looking at my photography has probably noticed one of my favourite times of the day is dusk, I have always found that the darkening of the day to be a really special time. The sun catches the highest parts of clouds in a brief but dramatic burst of colour before the stars begin to fade into view and often the wind drops and things become calm.

Sometimes when I am walking I don't take any photographs at all as I find that you tend to look at everything in terms of its potential image and attempt to frame your experience as photographic possibilities once you have a camera out and it can be better to just walk and not think about taking photographs. Other times the beautiful light can be too good to resist and so I attempt to capture some of it's mood, especially when the images present themselves so forcefully.

These photo's were taken without a tripod but with slow shutter speeds and a with very high asa, something this new camera seems to be quite good at.

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