Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Book of Drawings.

Finally finished the book a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have come out okay.Uploading 2.5 gigabites of work to the lulu site took some time and putting the whole thing together has been a steep learning curve as well as a head scratching nightmare in all sorts of ways.
As promised here is a picture of the finished book and a small selection of some of the 170 drawings published.I will put some more of the illustrations up here at some point in the future.These drawings were produced over a fifteen year period and generally ended up being stored in cardboard boxes in various lofts gathering dust, so it is nice to bring these hidden images out into the light of day.
Support your poorly paid artist here by ordering yourself a copy of this lovely book. Send me an email and i'll steer you to the book. Cheers for now.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations John on getting your book published. And thanks for sharing your wonderful blog with others. I will be visiting often and presently placing your link to my blog over at Ink Vanilla.