Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bath and Glastonbury

I would just like to register that I really don't want a ticket to go to the Glastonbury Festival. These photographs were taken up in Bath on the canal where I was staying for a bit with a friend who has a really splendid narrowboat and is also a thoroughly nice chap. It certainly was the first time that I have seen a record deck on a boat but when you have that many interesting records it does seem worth it. I took these at about eight in the morning and it was much colder than it appears in these photo's. As I was taking them I could feel my hands freezing or going numb, i'm not sure of the right expression. We don't seem to get as many frosts in this part of the world as we used to so I try to make a bit of an effort to get out and take photographs when the conditions are right. At the moment I am learning how to use my new DSLR camera, which does seem pretty straightforward and I am enjoying immensely having apertures to play with again. It really was a painful process parting with the money for this camera as I hate to be a good consumer and avoid buying new things as much as I possibly can so at least I managed to get hold of a second hand one which I feel better about. As anyone who knows me can testify it is difficult to get me to part with money under most circumstances. Rumours of a big storm coming on Monday night so time to batten things down and take lots of precautions and then go out recklessly into it to see what happening; I just can't resist a good storm and have very fond memories of the 1987 storm which I experienced in Bournemouth, the only disadvantage being the number of trees that were wiped out. According to millibar this one could be a whopper but we wait and see.

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