Sunday, March 16, 2008

Storm On Monday

Huge great storms around the coast on Monday so lots of really big wave action and cameras out in force. It was nice for a change to see one of these big storms in the daylight as I tend to see them in the evening usually. The local earth around here turns the water a delightful blood red colour and lots of very interesting shapes were emerging from the waves. The cliffs above were taking a real battering and the picture with the boats and cliffs in wasn't as empty of people as it appears as I was taking these between the never ending stream of cars that were driving up to the end here and having to reverse and turn round again, there was also a large crowd of people at this end running backwards and forwards, mind you it was quite a sight for a Monday morning.

1 comment:

Rob Windstrel Watson said...

Wonderful photographs.

I particularly liked the first one and the contrast between the pier with and without stones :-)