Tuesday, June 02, 2009

summer again

The sun, like the sea, is at its most dangerous just when you forget how dangerous it is. An unexpected sunny spell has arrived here and it is suddenly around 25 celsius, so the pace of movement has adjusted accordingly and instead of dodging the rain and wind we are now moving in a pleasent slow motion. The radioactive lobster look is popular around the town now. Sunny weather is unusual here so its good to make the most of it.

It is warm enough to sit outside comfortably at night so it has been a good time to catch up with the clear starry sky. It gets properly dark here at about ten thirty or so and becomes light again around four, so a short night with a heavy falling of dew at about two.

Overhead a shooting star leaves a trail of smoke for a second or so. Seagulls are impersonating ufo's and ufo's are pretending to be secret technology, or is that the other way round? It was a novelty to see a jet flying across the sky when I was young and now you can count more than four at any one time.


the Silverfish said...

Love the pics of the wood sorrel in pics 4,5 and 6 reminds me that I must make sorrel soup one of these days. And oh yes the ferns with which to make fiddle head soup not to mention as a side dish smothered in butter. Damn well at least now I know what's fer supper tonight.

Penny said...

I think If I lived there I would almost never be at home.

It seems you could lay on the ground and just stare up at the sky for hours and hours and hours.

probably with some sunscreen on, no lobster look for me.

though I rarely burn... I just wouldn't want to, but then, how bout them chiggers?

I love that word, had to get it in there, and maybe there aren't chiggers there any way?

Skye said...

Beautiful pics again John! I have to admit though, I'm rather leary of Silv's "fiddle head soup" idea! Granted his Sorrel soup is pretty good, so it may not be such a bad thing as it sounds :D

john said...

Cheers Silverfish. The sorrel and fern heads are lovely and fresh and i'm sure they would make good soup, they look well tasty.

Penny, it is very hard to be indoors now as the weather is so warm we can be outside for much longer, its great. It's usually really quiet here at night but as I'm typing this a car alarm is going mental outside.

Chiggers eh? hmmm...

Hi Skye, having seen the photo's of previous meals I reckon the soup would be really good. I must have a go at making some of these, I like soups and there are plenty of things growing up there.

nina said...

Tell me something, John, as you walk through these places, do you see elves rush away out of the corner of your eye?

Also want to say today I discovered by clicking on your works, they can be viewed full size! Now I will be going back through your archives reviewing all the details I didn't catch the first time.

We've been cutting wood here, stacking logs religiously, knowing what the future has in store. This is our spring, summer, fall and winter from now until forever.

Now the planes, where do you think the really high ones are going? To see them you would think the airlines are doing just fine. I see them so high, I know they cannot be local or even from neighboring states. Who would have thought there would be so much international travel going on in these lean times?

Thank you for your visual moments in which to meditate. This is a wonderful site.

Penny said...

yah, chiggers, they are a disgusting bug in the grass that wreaks havoc on your skin



"You see a lot of people scratching themselves every Monday morning
these days. It's nothing to be ashamed of; it' s not even funny. Those
people happen to be susceptible to "chiggers" which crawl on them as
they lie on the grass, or work in the garden, or walk through tall grass and weeds."

I had an afterthought about chiggers, when I thought how much I would love to lay in the grass and look at the sky.

nobody said...

Marvellous John.

And I'd always wondered what chiggers were. I just looked it up - they're a variety of mite, it seems. One does detest creatures that eat you. It speaks poorly of them I think. If only there was a creature that was more specific, ie. it only ate the rich, or it only ate Dick Cheney, or something. That'd be the go wouldn't it?

Penny said...

nobody, why would you wish that on a poor hapless chigger, Dick Cheney's flesh, I spit, I wretch, I gag.

john said...

Cheers and thanks Nina

I haven't seen any elves yet but I keep an eye out for them, just in case.

The photo's here vary a bit in size, the originals are about 4.5mp so too big to put up here but the detail is good, 'tis a bit of a shame. I hope you enjoy them Nina.

It is just as well that the wood keeps coming. A good friend dropped a load of wood here for free the other day, all really good timber for building though, I wish I had somewhere to build a shack.

The planes seem to be pretty busy here still but some of the prices are very low and maybe they are flying half empty, it all seems a tad extravagant. Cheers for now.

john said...

Cheers Penny

We don't have Chiggers yet but now that we've heard of them they might be more likely to turn up somehow.

We do have ticks though, so we have to watch out for them. There are a few random insects around here which give a nasty bite but we don't know what they are. We also have the dreaded Blandford fly now, which is a tiny little bleeder who causes your whole limb to swell up and bruise when he bites you.

We had a lovely big hornet here the other year who wanted to have a look around my garage. It was about the size of my little finger and made a great noise. Luckily it found its way out again.

john said...

Thanks Nobody

We lost John Michell here the other day whose writing I enjoyed though I have to take his maths on trust a bit. It also it looks like Postman Patel is very ill as well as he is in a hospice. This is bad news for all as his blog was brilliant and has been a daily read for a few years, there was nothing like it and it was loads more fun than you'll get in a shit newspaper.

Yet still by some miracle Dick Cheney and all those other folk are still walking. Don't they ever die? Like George Bush snr. How fucking old is he now? All those billionaires that look like like the living dead. Why won't they die?

Actually I'm feeling quite perky tonight, but I does wonder.

nobody said...

If it's any consolation John, they will die.

Hmm... brilliant idea! Imagine a 'Piss on a villain's grave' Tour. Kind of like a Hollywood celebrity home tour except you go visit a series of cemetaries and piss on the graves of the villainous. Mind you, you'd have to do a lot of drinking. But that would add to the fun I think. I don't know what the cemetary managers would think of it though. Still it's a thought.

john said...

Cheers Nobody

Yes I like the idea of a piss on a villains grave tour. The dreaded Thatcher would have been first in line for me but the damage is long done now and she lost her marbles years ago. All sorts of terrible things were done to this country in the 80s and now we have the Tory party coming back again soon, not really something to look forward to.

There's not much of a choice now that the Labour party was ruined by TCB and his friends, so we can look forward to the same old same old lording it over us all again.

There will be a big line of people wanting to piss on TCBs grave for sure.

I was interested to see that the other day TCB said that he believes Gordon Brown’s political future is doomed because of ‘the darkness in his heart’ and his ‘lies’

Darkness in his heart? A curious choice of words coming from TCB. Is there something we should be told about?

Oh and by the way, I think Kevin Rudds' hair looks lovely despite what the critics say, though he is right to be concerned about it as it is very important.

Choose your villains and I'll get some beer.

nobody said...

The 'darkness in his heart'? This from the man with the 'fear in his eyes'? Ha ha ha. Tony Blair was the strangest cove ever wasn't he? God knows what was in his head. I always got the impression he was one step away from madness.

Where are the Rothschilds buried I wonder?

As for our KRudd, I think hair and grooming is what he does best. That and his rhetorical style. As he might say (if I scripted him), "Am I good at answering my own questions? Yes, I am."

john said...

Yes Nobody, maybe we should be pissing higher up the ladder.

Whilst I obviously don't encourage or endorse the practice of anybody pissing upon anyone, living or dead, it seems that Mayer Amschel Rothschild died on 19 September 1812 at Frankfurt-am-Main, and was buried in the Battonnstrasse cemetery in Frankfurt.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild Nov. 8, 1840 to Mar. 1, 1915, the head of the London branch is buried in Willesden United Synagogue Cemetery
London, England.

It's beginning to look like a european trip.