Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eugene McDaniels - Jagger The Dagger - 1971

Jagger doing the devil dance
Just a victim of circumstance
Jagger wheeling the rolling stone
He and the devil know he’s all alone
Jagger lived in the world a while
Now he’s learning the devil’s style
Jagger playing a heavy game
Free from guilt and he’s free from shame

Jagger sucking the source of life
Slashing the pig with a horny knife
Jagger merging the sexes now
Just stand back and he’ll show you how
Jagger’s organ will play the tune
He will watch the havens open soon
Jagger doing the devil dance
Just a victim of circumstance

Jagger the dagger (Repeat to fade)



Anonymous said...

Um... that's weird. Just the other week I re-read Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon (the old free bits of it at any rate) and am freshly familiar with the Stones, Altamont, Sympathy For The Devil, and what could not unreasonably be described as a human sacrifice.

As for 'victim of circumstance', er... I guess. It's arguable that all MKULTRA chosen could warrant that description.

off again now, ciao ciao.

john said...

Eugene McDaniels isn't entirely off the mark with his observations and certainly gets in there fairly early with them. Maybe a lot of people didn't like the way things were going, but what can you do about it? Write a song?

McDaniels music is well worth a listen I think, "Headless Heros Of The Apocalypse" is the album this song came from, the grooves have been much sampled which is how I found my way to it. Some of his music is quite funny; "Supermarket Blues" for example.
He also does what seem to me to be pastiches of bands like The Grateful Dead, and also Mick Jagger (on the song "Outlaw")

In interview McDaniels comes across as sharp and amusing and not at all like the usual addled rock star of old. The whole thing about the manufacture and control of the music business is that it could only end in this sort of way, (Altamont) although it hasn't ended of course.

Hope all good with you

john said...

Here's Eugene McDaniels in 2010 at the age of 75, a year before he died.


john said...

Parody is what I meant, not pastiche.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, all good. I couldn't check out too much of all that what with being in a library and having a daily limit that gets quickly blown out with youtubey things, but I did like a jazz thing I saw. Reminded me of the Charlie Brown theme a little, in a good way of course.

john said...

Ah, you're back in the library again. We did have a limit of half an hour in the libraries here but due to all the jobsearch stuff being done on computers now the time has been extended to pretty much as long as you like. It's a pity I couldn't just send you the albums, but I can't think of a way of doing it, anyway...

One of my ongoing hobbies seems to be working my way through everything that has ever been recorded musicwise and I have just got round to listening to Charles Mansons' work. Unfortunately and rather surprisingly he had a pretty good singing voice (it's certainly nicer than Neil Youngs, and I have been a long time fan of his) and the quality of his work is comparable to much of the music of the time, although a lot of it is rather bizarre. As Dave McGowan demonstrates, we might remember him in a completely different way (victim of circumstance?)

I think Neil Young might have made a good cult leader, charismatic, talented musician, strange look in his eyes etc. I wonder if Neil Young ever auditioned for the part?

john said...

Bloody hell, have you seen this stuff coming out of Ukraine? terrifying. I've seen a lot of awful things in the last few years but I never imagined I'd see this coming round.