Thursday, June 19, 2014

world cup fever


Anonymous said...

Please sir,

I've marked my x on your latest spot-the-ball competition but am not sure how to send it to you. I don't have to put my whole laptop in the mail do I?

Otherwise, that's Brazil is it? It's very distant - hard to make out who's playing never mind whether they've scored a goal or not. I can see why people pay money to fly there in person. Still, a bit of a view is better than none at all.

As for the tournament itself apparently some chap scored two goals the other day. Did you hear? And there was that other chap whom everyone thought would score a goal but didn't. Such excitement - it's the best I can do to stop from bursting.

As you can well imagine around this neck of the woods one can hardly hear oneself think due to the constantly repeated cries of "Kick the ball! Hurrah Hurrah!"

Best regards to yourself and the no doubt all-things-football mad maid.

Hurrah, etc. etc.

john said...

Ha ha! You're still out there then! Excellent fun!

We love the tackley- shooty-in-game here - it's everywhere. Flags on cars, flags on people at cashpoints getting more money to spend on flags...and alcohol too I expect. Our teams' actual participation appeared slightly lacklustre to some casual observers. The Maid and other ladies here, on the other hand, have made it known to me that they have reasons of their own for enjoying the whole spectacle of the football tournament.

Enjoy! etc.